Thrift Store Refashion

If you've seen it once, you've seen it a million times...a thrift store refashion challenge. Well, this is different. Why? Because we're doing it. That is, Sew Much Talent and the Pericrafters. And, we are having fun getting creative. We each had the same mandated mission, find thrift store goodies with a budget of $25 and remake it, up-cycle it, or refashion it into something new. And, that's what we are doing. Like the other challenges we've had each month of this year, we have an entire month to complete this challenge. That means, we have until Monday, October 31st, to make the old into something new.
So, that brings me to the crux of this post, my refashion goal. That is to create a denim formal out of the goodies I found at my local Salvation Army. You can see my shopping experience here below...

 Thrift Store Shopping for Refashion Challenge

Here is my thrift store haul. I came in under my $25 budget at $3.43. But, I will need to use it to hunt for the perfect zipper.

Check out my thrift store haul here.... Thrift Store Haul

Now that all of the basic shopping is out of the way, and client's work is at a bare minimum for this week, and needles to say I'm running out of time, I must start executing my idea. With that being said, I have started the journey of bringing said idea to life. I have sketched it out....

And, I've begun to st up my Mannie for draping. This will be my second real attempt at draping. So, there's much to gain from this challenge. Which is the point of it all, to stretch us outside of our perfect, well thought out, sewing boxes. Every now and then we should do something that we've never done before. Which is the case with some of the participants. More on that later.

Now, I'm disassembling the pieces ( 5 pair of denim jean pants, a blinged bomber jacket, a gold lurex sweater, a gold belt, and a gold scarf) to recreate the look I desire. 

So, I guess you are gonna have to check back regularly for updates. Remember, I must finish this by Monday, October 31st. Think I can get it done? We'll see.... 

Until next time, remember to go be a blessing to somebody. You are blessed to be a blessing,

Love you to life!



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