How Does Your Design Grow?

Why do I think of the old nursery rhyme, "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow", when I think about this post.
So, that brings me to what's on my mind...designing concepts. I was up in the wee hours this morning when I design idea hit me for a couple of pieces of fabric I put my eyes on.  Does that happen to you? Are you inspired by your fabric first, or do you get the idea, then find the fabric? Well, for me it depends on the day. It can happen either way for me. But, what I really want to know is, when you get the concept for a design, when you visualize the design, how do you begin to realize it? Do you sketch out your idea first, or do you drape first? Again, for me, it depends on the moment. I have started out either way.
With this design(s) below, I proceeded in both directions. The first design on the left started out with a sketch. The design on the right started out with draping. Same two pieces of fabric, yet two different designs. Now, mind you, neither of these designs have been realized yet, but I have two idea concepts to work with. From this point I will determine how to bring one of these ideas to pass. So, ?I'm gonna leave the next phase for maybe part two of bringing a design concept to life.
Stay tuned!!!



  1. As you probably already expected, I am just like you, it depends on the day! I have done all of the above. It could be the fabric that inspires me it could be a sketch or a design. Sometimes the fabric is first and then an idea comes to me for it…or I have a design and then I look for fabric. And she stayed it, it just depends on the day!

  2. It's funny how the same works for me with jewelry design. I sketch a lot, but some days I just sit and freestyle it.

  3. Kudos to all of you,I'm always in awe ofdesigning processes of other artists. For me it's inspiration piece or dream/vision then finding a pattern(s) to morph.


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