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F ebruary is the month of love. . . . whether it is loving ourselves, our neighbors, or that special someone. To celebrate we’re having a Pajama Party and we hope you'll join us! We’ll be delving into all kinds of night wear from cozy and snuggly, to wild and sexy, to utilitarian and ‘leave me alone so I can s leep’ attire.   It’s cold and wintery here in the Northern Hemisphere, so week one, we'll pull out those flannels. Whether you like to snuggle up in a lo ng nightgown with ruffles galore (remember those ones you wore as a child), a nightshirt, or jammies with elastic waist pants (pockets of course!) and a button down top. Not cold where you are, that’s okay, those lightweight cottons and knits are just fine too! The goal is to make something that YOU feel good in! Week two is the true week of amore . . . serve up some chocolates in a silky chemise for your Valentine or how about a P4P Naughty Nice unitard to entice your lover? Take it a step further and make somethi

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