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The 2019 Day and Night Dress Challenge

This has been a long time coming, but "a change has finally come", literally! When I say this has been a challenge, it is an understatement. The whole purpose of this year's Day and Night Dress Challenge, presented by Elizabeth Farr of Elizabeth Made This, is to take a"has-been" dress from your closet and give it new life. But, to do this, we were asked to create two new pieces to give this "not-worn-in-a-long-time dress a new look for a daytime wear, and one for nighttime wear. One old dress, two new looks. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! I was so indecisive and couldn't decide which dress I wanted to transform. I must have changed my mine like 3-4 times, at least. Not to mention, the so many different distractions, and personal happenings that either zapped my time and/or my emotions. Which dress did I finally decide on? I decided to pull a dress from my PhD* pile  that I started last year, M7242-view B, below. The fabric is a beautiful black/whit

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