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2024 Annual Sewing Retreat

 Road trip!!! It's settled. Sew Much Talent is going to the DMV tri-state, D.C., Virginia, and the Maryland area. Why the DMV, So glad you asked! The Sew Much Talent DMV Chapter will be hosting this year's retreat! The SMT-DMV is our most active group to date. This is why we have chosen this to be our next stop on our annual tour. It is our mission for  SMT to take our annual retreat on tour all across the states.  We've had our fair share of fun in Georgia. Our retreat to New York was canceled due to COVID, which we'll eventually get back to. But,  for now,  DMV,  here we come!! We are working to finalize the details on the venue.  We will have full disclosure by the end of January '24. Last year we found that our venue was much to small.  This time,  we will have ample space for sewing,  games,  etc. This is why it's so important that you get submit your deposit and get your space locked in.  Last year we sold out in less than a day. Therfore, many were not ab

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