What, You Haven't Met Peter Lappin (Gasp)?!

I can't believe you said you do not know who  the creator of the popular blog, Male Pattern Boldness is...SMH!
Well, guess what, mercy granted. You will get to meet the and only, Peter Lappin tomorrow night on That Sewing Blab. My co host, Dawn Pengelly of Duelling Designs
and I will interview him. We'll find out what he's been up to these days. I'm even curious to know where cousin Cathy Lane has been hiding these days. I'm definitely gonna ask him about these fabulous designer Ankara pants that he created. Looks fabulous, right? 
 I'm sure you have more questions, so get them together and join us tomorrow night for a  fun-filled time of sewcializing and laughter. It's a very relaxing downtime, so grab your tea or coffee and get ready for a great time!
Don't forget to tell the rest of the sewciety and all parts of the blogisphere   where you will be tomorrow night. But, you might want to follow this link and register first, the room fills up really fast. It holds a max of 50 seats (ONLINE). Here's that link....  ccst.io/e/that-sewing-blab-ep--43
See you there, 7:30pm, EST.  Be there or  be square, or round, or triangle...just be there, LOL!!!

Love, Peace, and Happiness,

 Sew Alethia


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