Produce From the Fabric Reslolution Thus Far

Produce- (verb)- make or manufacture from components or raw materials.              (noun)- things that have been produced or grown, especially by farming.Especially- Meriam Webster's diction  says, "in particular".

I broke those definitions down because, if you are somewhat like me in your thinking, I automatically think of food, i.e. veggies, fruit, etc., when I hear the word produce. So, I just wanted to make it clear that I AM NOT  talking about food. I"m talking about makes from our fabric. Why am I telling you this, you're smarter than a fifth grader, you already knew. Right?
Anyway, I promised to share about my recent top I made during the first week of our Fabric Resolution (Stash busting) challenge.
Week 1: Tops and Dresses
Pattern used: S1324 (view A)
Fabric: ITY knit
Modifications: I  raised the neckline for more of a jewel neckline. I added a zipper tape detail to each shoulder.
Alterations: This pattern runs from sizes 8-18. I cut the 14 through the bodice, but I tapered to a 16 through the hips. Since I have small wrists I tapered the sleeve from  size 14 at the underarm seam, down to a size 8 at the wrists. I , also, lengthened the sleeve 1" because I have long arms.

Week 2: Skirts and Pants
Pattern used: NL6413 (view B)
Fabric: Uncertain. It has the look of a flannel, at the same time it has a subtle luxury like a low pile mohair knit.
Modifications: I lengthened the sleeves a couple of inches. Instead of elastic, I actually wore this , the first time, without elastic in the waist. But, I am going to  add casing on top at the seam and a drawstring. I want the option of being able to wear it both as an oversized romper or draw the string and have it  fitted at the waist as seen in the picture.
Alterations: None.

Week 3: Hats and Handbags 

Pattern used: S1401- It's So Easy
Fabric: Shell- Ankara/Denim
             Lining- Upholstery fabric.
Details:The way this pattern is set up, the outside of the bag is cut is cut in one piece and the lining is cut in two pieces. I flip-flopped this. Obviously, I used the lining for the outside and vice-verse. As simple as this pattern is, I actually stitched this bag up wrong thinking I knew how the bag went. But, the outer layer is cut on the fold and the upper lining is cut in two pieces so that left a center seam on the outside of the bag. I didn't like it, but fortunately I wanted to add a tab for closure, so it was all good. For the button, I really wanted a magnetic snap. But, because I wanted to finish this bag, I sandwiched three buttons together which added some weight. I will add another weighty button to the other side so that I can where this bag reversible. I will definitely make more of these. It takes up to 2 hours, start to finish to make. You can watch me make this bag on my Periscope TV here:

Let's Sew Today #totebag 1

Let's Sew Today #totebag 2

So, now on to the 4th week and the last challenge of this month, Outerwear. I have a couple of things in mind. One, I will attempt to get a bomber jacket done, which will in turn satisfy two sewing challenges at once. And, I will attempt to make sweater duster. Let's see.

Next month, we will start our Work Out Gear challenge hosted by Myra Rentmeester of the blog  Simple Inspirations .

If you would like to take part in any of our monthly challenges, please us on our Facebook page,
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Until next time, Love, Peace, and Blessings !

Sew Alethia



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