Twelve Months of Sewing and Crafting !

Day 2

What an incredible year this has been! I started this 12-day series to share with you all that has transpired within the Sew Much Talent sewing community. This very blog, Sew Alethia (formerly Sew Much Talent--Ning), was the catalyst for the many things happening today.
Today I want to talk about the monthly challenges that Sew Much Talent  hosted in conjunction with the Pericrafters group. Each one of these challenges were amazing to say the least. We started off the year with a 'Stash Busting Sew-along' called "Let's Kick Some Stash", dubbed "Kick'n Stash". The whole purpose of this challenge was to sew up as much of our stash as possible to make room for fabric that we would inevitably purchase through the rest of the year. However, during this challenge we could only sew from our stash. We could not buy any fabric for our creations except for things like interfacing and notions. But it was great because many pieces were made each week. Week One, 59 tops were sewn; Week Two, 73 skirts and dresses were sewn; Week Three, 28 pants were sewn; and, Week Four 22 outerwear/accessory pieces were sewn. That makes a total of  182 pieces sewn in January.
I will not go through each challenge individually,but they were as equally exciting. The challenges ran from the beginning of the month to the end. Each challenge had its own specific rules to follow. But, at the end we randomly chose two winners that each won a prize from two different vendors/sponsors. The prizes consisted of fabric, sewing tools, brownies, jewelry, and more patterns.

February--- UFOs, WIPs, and PhDs

March ----- Pajama Party
April------T-shirt Sew-along

May------The Great Fabric Swap

June----- TNT! ...The
July----- UFOs Revisited...Twisted

August---Wardrobe Builders (NL6735)
September- Denim Days

October--- Thriftstore Refashion

November--Holiday Fashions

December-- Crafty Creations

And, so we come to the last challenge of the month, Crafty Creations. We have the opportunity to get those last minute Holiday gifts in, like this t-shirt necklace.
Just because we are approaching the end of the year does not mean we are coming to the end of our challenges. To see more pictures and keep track of upcoming challenges, please follow along at
Heads up, we are doing another stash buster in January!!!

Coming up .... Day 3 The Periscope TV and Sew Much Talent

Love you to life,


  1. I'm happy to have participated in 4 of the challenges. Each one that I participated in produced something pretty and useful for my wardrobe.

  2. Thank you for participating! Ice enjoyed seeing your creations!

  3. I agree Ms. Alethia...I was happy to participate in a few of the challenges as well! It's a fun way to keep yourself motivated while helping to inspire others too! You are a tremendous and gracious host!


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