Sayonara 2017.... Kon'nichiwa 2018

It's that time of year where we reflect over the past and look towards the future. We thumb through all of our accomplishments, or lack thereof and pen new goals, or roll over those that are incomplete. Whichever category we find ourselves in, we must remember that the show must go on. We can't stop mid stream, no matter our status.  I can't speak for you, but I'm pushing forward.
While, I'm grateful for what has taken place in 2017, and it was a lot, I would like to press forward . There will be plenty of time in the days ahead to revisit 2017.  Right now, I would like to complete my last project for 2017 which is my coat, Vogue 1263. It's the one I chose to do for the December Sew Much Talent Admin Coat challenge. I had a little push and nudge from a dear sewing buddy and one of the SMT admins, Linda Faye Lewis of the blog, Faye's Sewing Adventures.

This pattern is at least three years old, but I love it, and I've always wanted to make it. So,here goes. I will be using a unique fabric that I actually found at Wal-mart. 
 Every now and then I will find something that catches my eye. This was one of those times. The beauty of it all is this pattern does not require a full lining. Therefore, it will not be a long drawn out process to get this finished. I WILL be able to meet my deadline.
Okay, so talk about planning for the future, I have just posted our 2018 Sew Much Talent 
challenges for the entire year. The list of these challenges can be found in our Facebook group, Sew Much Talent (GR).

However, I want to focus on our yearly kick-off challenge, our annual Stash Busting Fast for January. As usual, we will be doing a fabric fast, meaning we will not be purchasing new fabric for the month of January. There are allowances. But, in the past we have had so much fun sewing specific garments during each of the weeks of January. This is a great way to sew up some of our mounds of fabric stash, at the same time, creating wonderful wardrobe building pieces for the coming year.
I do have my SWAP agenda, but we do know plans can change. Tomorrow, I plan to share with you how you can effectively SWAP ( Sew With A Plan). 
In the meantime, take a look at my tentative plans....

As you can see, I have a bit of an eclectic taste. And, you will notice that I have some knits, denim, lightweight crinkle crepe georgette, Ankara, and poly suiting. This will take me through the last part of this Winter and the earlier, cooler parts of Spring. I do need me a couple pair of black pants. So, if I can get to the fabric store before close of business tomorrow, I may add that into my plans as well. I do have one piece of black. We'll see.
I'll talk about this and more of the challenge(s) in the days ahead. Also, look out for the SMT Business series that I will be posting throughout the month of January. I am excited that the Sew Much Admin team will be guest bloggers, sharing helpful tips on how to take your hobby to the next level and to do it effectively. 
On that note, I will chat with you very soon! 
As always, remember that you are blessed to be a blessing!

Love you to life,


  1. Great post! I like the idea of the SWAP, but my problem is that my plans change too often. Cutting several projects at a time, prevents the mind changes. Lol!
    Looking forward to 2018 with the group!


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