"If You can Dream It, I Can Seam It"

Well, at least this was a slogan of a former seamstress in town. This was her promise to her clients. That was questionable after a several uncommonly encounters took place. But, that was years ago, and not my business, literally. I take that back, I was a victim of this business once. But, that's still not the point. It's the quote that caught my attention and I never forgot it... " If you can dream it, I can seam it". You gotta admit, it's pretty catchy, right?
Here's the thing, that statement can be true for any of us if you know what you're doing...if you can illustrate, drape, and, sew. Well, these days you can hire folks to do each of the intricate parts to make a fashionable dream a reality. In my case, I set out to accomplish all of this from start to finish without any outside  help. I mean, I dabble in illustrating my visions. I have been known to frankenpattern  my ideas, and I have sewn since before I was 8 years old. Now, I sew for others.

FRANKENPATTERN-A loose term some sewist use to describe the technique of taking elements from two or more patterns to create a desired look.

This time, I wanted to drape and draft my own pattern for my own design. It was so rewarding to complete this goal and love it in the end.  I thought that last part was very relevant because many times we can think of an idea, bring it to reality to not be completely satisfied with the outcome. The only remorse I have, slightly, is the fact I can't really wear it myself, LOL! I actually did not create it for me. My Mannie was my muse, simply because this was a test of my skills, so I worked with her body. To be honest, she has never complained. As a matter of fact, she has not taken the dress off, well maybe once or twice. I literally have to pry it off of Mannie. But, if she's happy, I"m ecstatic, hee-hee!
My take away from this venture is that in this world of design and creativity, you should have no inhibitions. GO FOR IT! Literally....IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN SEAM IT!! You just never know what you can do if you don't ever try it.
This venture has inevitably launched me into the next phase of my purpose...DESIGNING!

See my previous post to catch some of the process of making this denim formal, 

Here are Periscope Broadcasts where I share moments of making this gown and talk about the October Thrift Store Challenge. More on that later...

Fore these and other videos,visit my Periscope TV Channel at www.periscope.tv/sewmuchtalent

So, expect to finally see some of the many designs that I have tucked away.
I leave you with this, Whatever it is that you wanted to do, that thing you have for years said, "one day I'm gonna...", DO IT! Take measures to make your dreams come true. I always say, "Ain't nothing to it but to do it"!  I hope this encourages you to JUST DO IT!!!
Until next time, remember, you are blessed to be a blessing!

Love you to life,



  1. Do it, girlfriend!!!! Keep bringing those style dreams to reality.

  2. Wonderful post and wonderful dress. Dream on sister!


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