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Starting to Wrap Up the Mini Couture Challenge !

You heard right, STARTING to wrap up ( beginning so I can finish) this month's sewing challenge. I know, I know there's 3 days left. However, I BELIEVE I will make it happen. I most times do. I mean, I only have a little man's jacket (lined), a baseball cap( lined), and a bowtie to complete.
Am I the only one that procrastinates, or somehow life tends to get in the way at the most inopportune times? Don't answer that. Because, maybe I am the only one, but let me believe I am not alone.
Now mind you, I do have just about everything cut out except the interfacing. So, tomorrow (today...wee hour blogging) I can just zip through it as much as possible. I chose to use  this denim-looking plaid chambray. It's lightweight, but I am lining it with a sheeting type cotton for support and durability. I don't want it to be to heavy. My little wee man crush and wear this in the warmer days. Maybe even Easter.
I'll share more details about this as I finish.

Either way, I…

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