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Crafty Business Part 5: 7 Ways to Market Your Business

So, this post will conclude our Crafty business series for this month. I have enjoyed reading all of the admins of Sew Much Talent kend their feedback and experiences, whether for hobby or for business. Now you have options.  However, I will continue this month, February with the bonus guest posts that I promised you. These posts will include more topics on business matters, and maintining your health in this crafty arena. It is a must to stay healthy and fit. 
Well, without further delay I can't wait to read what Elizabeth has to tell us about ...

7 ways to market your business

When Alethia asked me to write about Marketing Your Business, my first thought was, I am the last person who is qualified to be writing this!  But the truth is is that I think deep down, we all know more than we think we know when it comes to business.  So with that in mind, here's 7 simple ways you can market your business.
1.  Always be prepared: You never know when someone might approach you with a bu…

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