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Crafty Business Part 2: How To Set-up a Business

 As promised, here is another post in the Crafty Business series. Just in case you want to take your craft or skills to the next level as a business, then you've come to the right blogpost.  We want you to be successful whether you remain a hobbyist or move on up to a entreprenuer, so we are offering our two cents and what has worked for us.  Today in this series, Tisa Taylor, creator of the blog www.simplytfashions, will tell us... 

            How To Set Up A Business             

Money...Money...Money………..MONEY!!!! Now who doesn’t love money (Nobody I know)… Who doesn’t want money? (Nobody I Know)  So why not monetize that sewing hobby!!! Right??  Right!! Sewing for hire is one of those things that most of us get nervous about.  Will the person like my design?  Will it fit them properly?  Are my rates to high? Are my rates to low? These are some of the questions that we all worry about when thinking about turning our sewing hobby into a business. I’m here to let you know…. It’s OK…th…

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