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Sew Much Talent First Annual Sewing Retreat

If cannot tell you how excited to host this upcoming sewing retreat!!! This is more than a retreat or conference, this will be more like a family reunion. Let me tell you, some of the Sew Much Talent members I have been acquainted with since 2008, the year I founded the original Sew Much Talent networking community on the Ning platform. I eventually closed that group in 2016 after reconnecting with many of my sewing family members while on Periscope TV ( Sew Much Talent), and decided to reestablish the group on Facebook which was a much greater interface for our community. It's there that our community started to grow and blossom. With just two years in on Facebook and Instagram, the community has grown to where we are now, to nearly 9700 talented, skillful, and very supportive members. I'm grateful! It is with this in mind that I, and the members, thought it would be a great idea for us to come together and connect, meet one another.

So, that brings us to the retreat ( a tim…

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