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I mentioned in my last post that me and my blogger friends will be sharing some of our own tips in this business series. Most, if not all of us, will speak not necessarily from an expert's view, but from the experiences we've encountered. Think of our encounters as TNT's, Tried and True events. These things have worked. With that being said, You will hear from the likes of Linda Faye Lewis ( Faye's Sewing Adventure), Elizabeth Farr (Elizabeth Made This), Laquana Vick-Drayton (MadebyLaquana ), and Tisa Taylor (Simply T. Fashions). 
Let me start with the meaning of a craft. A craft is a skill or activity involving making things by hand. All, if not everyone of you here do something with your hands....sewing, quilting, crocheting, knitting, jewelry making, etc. Maybe you don't see yourself in this category. Well, that's okay. This is why I'm here today...


I will make this simple enough. But, let me preface this by saying that not everyone will sew, quilt, knit, make jewelry, etc. Maybe you will write or blog about these things, maybe you will photograph the things that we make. Or, maybe you will plan events that will host the very things that we make. Whatever it is, it is THAT THING, that you do effortlessly without a second thought. It is THAT THING you think about and dream about all day long. It's THAT THING that you talk about. You google it religiously, you research it constantly, and you know it like the back of your hand. YES, THAT THING!  What is it that you love to do, and you wouldn't mind if you didn't get paid for it? You do it because it brings you joy, pleasure, relaxation, excitement, fulfillment, etc.? I think you get the point. It is THAT THING that is your creative genius. Go for it! 
Once you've identified your craft, you may not want to do business. That's okay. Any and all information shared within this series will be very useful in your hobby ventures.
Many of you are already working THAT THING as a hobby. Maybe you've thought about it, but what keeps you from turning your craft into a business? Why not monetize it? 
In next Friday's Post, Tisa Taylor is gonna share tips and need-to-know information on how to set up a business. You don't want to miss this!

Love you to Life,


  1. Great post. I am so happy to be a part of this!

    1. Thanks Faye Doll, I'm thankful you are lending your expertise on blogging... can't wait!

  2. Love the post. The first one I have enjoyed reading. This has push me to get back out there and seew for people I used to sew for other people but got burnt out because people didn’t want to pay. Excited about the rest of the bloggers especially if I have to market. I have my own business license and would love to be able to incorporate my other crafts into my sewing. Thanks ladies this has been an encouragement to me.


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